The author of these pages is Glenda Shaw-Garlock. As a professional researcher in the private sector, Ms. Shaw-Garlock is a Senior Research Analyst involved in a range of projects and studies. Her responsibilities include day to day project management of various research projects including research design; development of research tools; conducting key informant interviews, participant observation and focus group; managing the deployment of surveys; client liaison and collaboration; qualitative and quantitative data interpretation and analysis; and development of reports from draft to final copy.

● Research project management
● Methodological design: quantitative and qualitative approaches
● Evaluation of technologies, programs, policies
● Field Research: focus groups, diary studies, surveys, interviews (structured/semi structured)
● Client relations
● Interprets and analyzes data (SPSS, NVivo, ect.)
● Integrates multiple lines of evidence
● Mentors and coaches junior staff

As an academic professional, Glenda Shaw-Garlock is a doctoral candidate in the School of Communication, at Simon Fraser University working under the guidance of Dr. Richard Smith. Her dissertation project relates to the affection experienced within human-technology interactions. Ms. Shaw-Garlock’s research interests also include the cultural history of automatons and robotics in different cultures; the gendering of technological artifacts; the emergence of sociable and emotive technology in society; and critical perspectives on science, technology and culture. Ms. Shaw-Garlock holds a Masters in Communication from Simon Fraser University as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Communication from Simon Fraser University and the University of Northern British Columbia.

● Relationship between society & sociable technology
● Ethnographic research of technology
● Sociotechnical approaches to the study of sociable technology
● Social contexts of human-technology interaction
● Domestication of sociable technology

Email Glenda at: theintimatemachine@gmail.com; Twitter: @intimatemachine; Instagram: grshawga; about.me/grshawga



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